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3D Medical Imaging

VP Reveal turns any MRI or CT scan instantly into an interactive “real 3D virtual patient”


Surgeons benefits:

  • Be better prepared – Feel more secure
  • Helps to define the best strategy
  • Virtual rehearse intervention – Great communication tool

Patients benefits:

  • Understand what’s wrong inside
  • May reduce intervention risks and hospital stay
  • One product for all types of patient

Hospitals benefits:

  • Vendor independent platform
  • Cross modalities technology
  • Multi-disciplinary application solution


Density Filter

VP Reveal is capable to produce various images from the same DICOM / PACS source by adjusting image filter parameters. Select from the built-in pre-defined filters or create your own filter to view certain density of interest.

density 3D

Markers & Custom Colors

Place object markers on the familiar 2D slices image and see them at the exact locations on the rendered 3D image. Adjust the filter histogram and assign custom color to bring more realistic view and further enhance the clarity of area of interest.

tumor marker 2



Lumbar Anomaly (MRI)


Cerebral Tumor (MRI)


Aorta Dissection (CT)

Watch VP Reveal in action

Watch in 3D

This is a recorded 3D video of a VP Reveal session. Best viewed on 3D TV or projector with 3D viewing glasses, or use VR goggle / Google cardboard. YouTube will automatically convert the video into Side by Side or Anaglyph (red, cyan) if your screen does not support 3D. Note: the quality of the actual experience is much higher than this video.


  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiothoracid Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Anatomy Education
  • Bladeless Autopsy

Industry verticals served:


VP Reveal Users

  • Maastricht University Medical Center
  • University Medical Center Utrecht
  • VU University Medical Center Amsterdam
  • Catharina Hospital Eindhoven
  • St Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg



Live Demo

To request more information about this product or schedule a live demonstration at your hospital/clinic, please contact us by email contact@gulfware.com or call +971 4 709 4191.


Gulfware is the authorized representative of Vesailus Perfectus in The Middle East. VP Reveal is a trademark of Vesailus Perfectus BV, Netherland.