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RFID & GPS Tracking Solutions


Instore Customer Behaviour Analysis using RFID (GTRACK Retail)

With GTRACK Retail you will be able to know which products in your shop the customers put their interest with.

Instead of having shop assistants to tailgate the customers during their visit, you can just let them browse around the shop. By using RFID technology, GTRACK Retail will detect customer’s presence in certain part of the shop and calculate the time they spent on that spot.

The cumulative data can be used to analyze individual and overall customer’s interest.

Fixed Asset Inventory Tracking using RFID (GTRACK Inventory)

Manual inventory identifying and auditing assets can be a time consuming process. The legacy manual asset number identification and barcode processes require that the tags be physically located and viewable.

The advantage of using RFID tags is the ability to read tags that are not visible. Unlike barcodes and human readable tags that must be physically located and viewable to read, RFID tags do not need to be visible to be read. Using an RFID tag would allow personnel to read the tag through the desk without even seeing it.

Implementing an RFID solution can dramatically reduce the man-power required to keep track of your assets and provide better visibility.

GPS Tracking Solution

Our  solution is designed to track fleet and asset using management tools that can be configured according to the specific needs of your organization. Designed to integrate seamlessly or function independently, these solutions include GPS tracking, dispatch systems, mobile apps, driver safety and reporting tools, and customized web services.

The solution can be integrated with RFID system and telemetry sensors to provide comprehensive tracking and monitoring.

RFID Consulting Service

We are experienced in consulting and designing RFID solutions applicable for hospitality industry, payment and financial, law enforcement, education and manufacturing.With extensive knowledge in various RFID aspects (active/passive, HF/UHF radio & antenna, EPC Gen-2 ISO-18000-6, ISO-14443 /Mifare/DesFire/NFC) our consultants will be happy to help designing the solution and select the right products to meet the customers’ need.

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