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Encrypted Text Messaging (GTRUST)

Without doubt, SMS (Short Messaging System) is a popular medium to exchange messages among mobile phone users. It is relatively cheap, widely available and applicable to any type of mobile phones.

However, as the plain text messages travel freely on the wide GSM network, confidentiality of the content and authenticity of the sender cannot be guaranteed.

The GTRUST Encrypted SMS solution encompasses transmission encryption using a thin extension of the SIM card, which conveniently replaces the need for additional authentication tokens.

Applications of this breakthrough solution includes but not limited to:

  • trusted text messaging
  • trusted payment through mobile phones
  • one time password for secure portal access
  • user location tracking
  • mobile usage monitoring
Why is our GTRUST so unique?

  • Works with most types of mobile phone. No client software installation needed
  • Easy to use. Works like sending normal SMS. User can choose to use non/encrypted messages
  • Does not depend on mobile network operator
  • Users can be activated/deactivated/reactivated over the air.

Industry verticals served:

Law Enforcement/Military